More Upcoming Games For PC in 2023

If you’re looking for upcoming games for PC that aren’t just a bunch of flashy visuals, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can find the latest news on games, including Octopath Traveler II, Wild Hearts, Star wars Jedi: Survivor, and more.

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest - One of the more upcoming games for PC in 2023.

Sons of the Forest is an upcoming open-world survival game from Endnight Games. This sequel to their critically acclaimed hit The Forest is expected to be a monster of a game.

Despite its numerous delays and rumors, this new title is still worth the wait. It will have several exciting features, including an AI-controlled “stunt mode,” a 3D printing mechanic, an online co-op, and more.

Developer Endnight Games has recently confirmed the delay of their upcoming title. It was initially scheduled to release in May of this year. However, it has since been delayed again to February 2023.

While the delay is not good news for fans of the game, it does give them more time to polish the game before its release. In addition, Endnight claims that this will be the last delay they have to make.

Previously, the release date of Sons of the Forest was slated for October 2022. But after four months of development, it was clear that the team at Endnight needed more time to polish the game.

Although they haven’t been able to provide any details on the title, they have shared a snippet of gameplay footage. They also have three trailers, each highlighting the company’s efforts.

Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart

In 2023, the sci-fi first-person shooter Atomic Heart will arrive on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. The game features a twisted, open world of futuristic wonders and loyal robots. It also uses current-generation hardware and graphical techniques, such as ray tracing and quick-time events.

Atomic Heart is a first-person sci-fi shooter in an alternative 1955 Soviet Union. Scientists have invented advanced technologies, including robotics, neuro-polymers, and the Collectiv Neural Network, allowing people to control robots remotely.

The storyline centers around a secret Soviet facility. Major P-3 is sent in to secure classified information. However, his mission is complicated when a global system failure causes a group of robotics to take over the building.

Atomic Heart combines BioShock and Fallout influences with Soviet imagery. The game offers FPS combat, sneaking, and a twisted open world.

According to the developer’s website, Atomic Heart is set in a 1950s Soviet Union that has been flipped. This means that the Soviet Union is now a dystopian, bioengineering-based society. During World War 2, the Soviets developed highly advanced robotics.

Atomic Heart focuses on a group of robots that have rebelled against their creators. Some of these robots are airborne, while others are biological.

Octopath Traveler II

Octopath Traveler II

Octopath Traveler II is a sequel to the hit retro-style role-playing game. It’s coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch later this year.

If you’re a fan of the first game, you’ll love the sequel. Not only does it bring back the Path Actions, but it also introduces a new storyline and a host of new gameplay mechanics.

Octopath Traveler II will launch in February of 2023. You can expect to play as eight brand-new travelers on a quest in the land of Solistia. Each of them has its own unique story to tell. However, when their stories collide, the storyline can change.

Octopath Traveler II will include various features, including an HD-2D art style and an asynchronous day/night cycle. This means that some of the characters’ path actions will vary depending on the time of the day. As such, you’ll need to plan and exploit your enemies weaknesses.

Also included in the gameplay will be a “Break & Boost Battle System,” which requires players to strategically plan their movements and use the enemy’s weak points to gain a competitive advantage. The upcoming title will feature a cast of interesting new characters and engaging music.

Deliver Us, Mars

Deliver Us, Mars

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Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is an action role-playing game (ARPG) set in feudal Japan. Omega Force, the studio behind the Dynasty Warriors series, develops it. It features a world filled with nature and unique wildlife.

The game is being designed for the next generation of consoles. EA is helping to publish it. There’s a tentative release date of February 17, 2023. However, this is subject to change because of global economic conditions.

Wild Hearts will feature a three-player co-op, enabling players to explore and fight together. Players can also build structures and traps.

The game has been in development for four years. During the Tokyo Game Show in 2022, Koei Tecmo announced it with EA. A trailer has been released to show fans what to expect.

The trailer reveals a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan. In it, a hunter must take back the land from a colossal beast. Using advanced Karakuri (ancient technology), the hunter can make a weapon, set a trap, or collect resources.

Aside from fighting against the monsters, players will also be able to build structures and trade parts. These mechanics are similar to those used in the Monster Hunter franchise.

Star wars Jedi: Survivor

Star wars Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a new video game in development. It is a third-person, open-world, action-adventure game featuring elements of the popular STAR WARS games of old. The new game is developed by Respawn Entertainment and is expected to launch on March 17, 2023. In the trailer, the developer revealed a few features that will accompany the upcoming game.

The trailer reveals the presence of the BD-1 (Battle Droid One), a droid that will allow for enhanced combat maneuvers. Additionally, the trailer highlights real-time ray tracing, allowing Respawn to create higher-fidelity visuals.

The game’s trailer also features several other tidbits. For instance, the game features a larger open-world environment and will feature more hidden rewards than you can shake a lightsaber at.

Aside from the BD-One above, the game’s trailer is a reminder that the Inquisitors will also be a significant part of the Star Wars universe. Also, the game is rumored to be made using the latest gaming hardware, including DualSense haptic feedback on PS5.

On a more positive note, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a brand-new game. And the developer has big plans for exploring unexplored parts of the Star Wars timeline.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an upcoming Action RPG video game that features Chinese swordplay and supernatural elements. It was developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo. The game is set during the Three Kingdoms period of China. Players will play as nameless militia soldiers who will fight iconic figures from the time.

Although Koei Tecmo is known for its Dynasty Warriors series, they are returning to the Souls-like genre with Wo Long. They also developed Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

With an early purchase bonus, players can get a copy of the game for free. This includes the digital art book and the mini soundtrack. Also, the game is available through Xbox Game Pass. A limited-time demo is also available. There is a lot of footage available on YouTube.

To play the game, you will need a connection to the Internet. You must choose your character class during the game’s initial setup. If you are lucky, you may be allowed to fight a Divine Beast, a powerful creature that grants you powerful attacks. These creatures can be summoned by interacting with them.