Previews of Upcoming Guitars

Upcoming Guitars - A Electric Guitar

If you’re looking for a new guitar this year, you might be in luck for upcoming guitars. With the boom in the guitar industry, boutique makers have had a chance to really shine. The lack of big names has boosted the business of these makers. Hopefully, this trend will continue. We’ve got some previews of upcoming models that you might want to check out.

Upcoming Guitars – Squier’s 40th Anniversary Gold Edition Telecaster

When the Squier brand first debuted, it answered the call for an affordable Fender design at an affordable price. Today, the brand continues that tradition. Squier’s line of guitars is composed of authentic Fender designs. The 40th Anniversary Gold Edition Telecaster is no exception.

The 40th Anniversary Gold Series Telecaster is a stunning instrument, with great looks and comfortable playability. The Gold Telecaster represents the culmination of 40 years of great Squier guitars. This special edition Telecaster is only available until 2022, so don’t miss out on this special edition.

The Squier 40th Anniversary Gold Series Telecaster features Fender-designed alnico single-coil pickups. This telecaster features a 9.5-inch-radius maple neck with gold-anodized hardware. Its classic Tele shape has been faithfully recreated, complete with the 3-saddle tremolo bridge.

The Gold Edition Telecaster has several features that set it apart from its competitors. It’s cheaper than the Classic Vibe Telecaster, which is a great choice for first-time players.

It’s an incredibly unique and stylish instrument that’s perfect for any level of player. The Squier 40th Anniversary Telecaster also makes an excellent choice for guitarists on a budget, with high-quality hardware and a distinctive look.

The Alnico Single Coils are designed to deliver a warm and vintage Tele sound. The Alnico V magnets create a high-quality twang and a powerful character.

These pickups are perfect for playing jazz, rock and country. They even offer a great vintage sound, which is perfect for country, blues, and jazz.

The Fender Squier 40th Anniversary Gold Edition Telecaster comes with two different types of fingerboards.

There are curved and compound radius versions. The curved version is typically more comfortable for fingerpicking and provides better spacing for chords.

While the curved version is easier to play and allows for a lower action, it can result in muted notes if you bend too hard at the high frets.

Upcoming Guitars – Taylor’s GTe Mahogany

If you’re looking for a guitar with a solid tropical mahogany body, look no further than Taylor’s GTe Mahogany. The new guitar features solid figured big leaf maple back and sides, a solid maple neck, smoky Crelicam ebony fretboard, and a West African Crelicam ebony body binding.

A Tusq nut adds a nice touch to this guitar. The GTe Mahogany also sports a smoked eucalyptus fingerboard and bridge for a natural look and feel.

Despite its size, the GTe Mahogany offers great performance for a small guitar. The compact body shape and solid mahogany wood body offer a blend of comfort and bold tone, perfect for all skill levels.

The ES2 pickup, along with Taylor’s proprietary ES2 electronics, give the GTe Mahogany a powerful low end and excellent intonation.

The GTe Mahogany body shape combines the characteristics of the GS Mini with the Grand Concert body shape, offering a great balance of power and comfort. The guitar’s 24-1/8-inch scale length offers a mellow feel for the strings, and it’s ready for a lifetime of playing.

The GTe Mahogany also features the ES2 pickup system, which combines a patented behind-the-saddle pickup with three individually calibrated sensors. The ES2 pickup system accurately captures the full-sized voice of the GTe Mahogany guitar, and is accompanied by a custom-designed professional audio preamp.

Another new guitar from Taylor is the AD22e acoustic. Designed by Andy Powers, this model features a mahogany top and sapele back.

This model also features a smaller Grand Concert body shape. Its GTe Mahogany and GTe Blacktop models feature solid mahogany tops and sapele backs and Expression System 2 electronics.

The GTe Mahogany GTE model is one of the first models to come out from Taylor’s GTe Mahogany line. It’s a great guitar for acoustic players who love the rich, full-bodied tone of mahogany. Taylor’s GTe Mahogany GTe series offers premium quality and performance for a reasonable price.

The GTe Mahogany GTe series offers a wide range of tonal options. These guitars also feature figured maple, one of the most visually striking tonewoods on the market.

Upcoming Guitars – Fender’s Meteora

The Meteora is one of the many guitars in the Player Plus series from Fender. It has a satin-finished Modern C profile and a 12-inch-radius fingerboard. The guitar also comes with a locking tuner.

It is a great guitar to shred on, and its rounded-edge fingerboard makes it comfortable to play. It also has a wide nut width of 1.685″, which will allow you to use fingerstyle picking techniques.

The Meteora is the latest addition to Fender’s Player Plus line, which is a natural progression from their flagship Player Series.

In fact, the Player Plus line has become one of the most popular guitar lines in Fender history. It has established itself as an industry standard for high-quality accessible guitars.

And with the Meteora, Fender has taken evolutionary innovation to another level. It’s a perfect example of the company’s dedication to forward-looking guitars.

The Meteora’s tone and dynamics are outstanding. Its single-coil pickup gives you a wide range of tone options, including warm, bright, and full sounds. It also offers crisp and consistent volume and resists muddiness and interval loss.

The Meteora features the brand’s Fireball humbuckers, which are a great blend of high-gain output and plenty of dynamic range.

This means that the Meteora can be tuned to suit almost any style of playing. Another feature is a coil-split switch located on the volume knob, which lets you quickly switch between single-coil and humbucker sounds.

The Meteora is a new addition to the Player Plus Series. It’s one of the most interesting guitars in the lineup. Despite its unusual body shape, it still comes with a traditional Fender logo.

While the Meteora is not a completely new guitar, it does share many of the features of the popular Telecaster and Jazzmaster. It also has locking tuners and rolled-edge fretboard edges.

The Meteora’s neck design is a bit more traditional, while its features are more modern and versatile. Its C-shaped neck is a comfortable shape for most players and features a push pull switch for splitting the humbucking coils.

The lower-action humbuckers allow for easy string pressing. While the neck is not particularly lightweight, it is still wide enough to be comfortable for fingerstyle playing. It also features a bottom-facing jack.

Upcoming Guitars – Guild’s Reverend’s Roundhouse

Guild’s Reverend’s Round house guitars feature a single cutaway design and no-frills features. These instruments are designed for the modern rocker.

The body of these guitars is made of korina (limba) wood, which blends substantial tone with light weight and delivers a rich and balanced sound with excellent note separation. They also include treble bleed circuits and a 3-piece set neck.

The Reverend is also known for its bass contour knob, which lets you control bass without losing signal. It can sound like single coil, a P90, or a full Metal tone. The bass contour knob is usually an aftermarket mod, but the Reverend guitars have it built in.

Reverend was founded in Detroit, Michigan, by guitarist Joe Naylor. Naylor, a longtime guitar player and amp modder, decided to create a new guitar line that would stand out from the pack.

He wanted a guitar that could do it all. Naylor had already customised instruments in the past, so in 1997 he decided to create his own brand and make it available to the general public.

The Reverend Roundhouse is available in a variety of colors. New models include Venetian Gold, Italian Purple, and Deep Sea Blue.

These guitars have HA5 humbuckers and TOM stop-tail bridges, and a pau ferro fretboard. A Greg Koch Gristlemaster is another model available in the Reverend line.

The Gristlemaster model features Fishman Gristle-Tone pickups, a Wilkinson Classic 3-saddle bridge, and a roasted maple compound radius neck. These guitars cost PS1,090 and up.

The Reverend Double Agent guitar shares many similarities with its OG pal, but has a more distinctive look. With its offset body and non-symmetrical bridge, it has the look of a vintage Guild guitar, while retaining the comfort of a modern guitar. It’s a guitar that will appeal to guitar players of all genres.