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PCGamer News Review has an unsettling history of slandering and defaming people. Their score-based review system is embarrassing and they use derogatory comments to discredit individuals in the gaming community. The website is prone to publishing articles that are unfounded and untrue.

PCGamer is one of the most Nazi sites ever

PC Gamer is one of the worst sites on the internet. The site will mark your comments as SPAM if they are not about gaming.

It has also stopped offering freebies and good product reviews. The site lacks technical knowledge, and is known for editing the content with instagram levels. The writers could use some help with their writing skills.

It’s score based review system is embarrassingly used

The PCGAMER review system is embarrassingly used and not only does it spend too much time discussing non-PC related issues, it also omits details that PC gamers want to know about games.

What’s more, the PCGAMER review system is score-based, which is over 90% percentage or single digit out of ten.

The PCGAMER team has lost touch with their readers and has completely lost sight of what PC gamers actually want from a game review.

It’s slurs against people in the gaming community

The issue is not limited to gamers, but also covers the gaming community as a whole. In June, a group called Gamers Against Bigotry was formed to combat offensive slurs in video games.

However, the group soon came under attack by one particular bigot, who painted racial slurs and inserted pictures of goatse everywhere he could. This eventually led to the site being taken down.

Racially-charged language is rampant in video game culture, so tackling this problem is vital.

The gaming industry must take responsibility for preventing this hateful speech by taking a top-down approach.

It must make it a point to punish players who use abusive language in online gaming communities.