Johnny Depp Live Judging – What Happened?

Johnny Depp Live Judging

I was asked to judge a film for a contest during a recent Johnny Depp Live Judging at a local TV station. The theme was, “What happened?” I decided to use my skills as a former security guard to put some real-life perspective on this question. Besides, I’m a fan of Johny Depp, so I was very excited.


Earlier this week, the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began. The former Hollywood stars were facing allegations of domestic abuse and defamation. Both parties testified in the case.

The jury was tasked with deciding whether or not Heard’s claims of abuse were credible. The lawyers for Depp have sought to prove that Heard was overly dramatic and vindictive. They hope to frame the case as a smear campaign. They also want to get the case dismissed.

During the trial, several former associates of Depp testified. Some described volatile behavior, including threatening and stonewalling. They also recalled being yelled at and sexually assaulted by Depp. They said he ripped off their clothes and demanded a cavity search to find drugs.

Heard’s team defended her by showing photos of a red mark on her face. They also questioned Depp about how he supposedly cut his finger while confronting Heard. In the end, they could not convince the court that Heard was a victim of abuse.

Heard’s attorneys asked the doctor who diagnosed her with “histrionic personality disorder” to testify. She told the court that the symptoms included a need for attention, an exaggerated speaking style, and an exaggerated expression of emotions.

Security guard

Defamation lawsuits between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have taken center stage in court this week. The couple has been embroiled in a tumultuous relationship, and the public has begun to turn its attention to the issue of domestic abuse.

Amid all the turmoil, an audio tape was entered into evidence. In the video, Depp is screaming at Heard. Heard is heard asking him not to cut himself.

On the other hand, Heard’s lawyers say the incident was a simple, practical joke gone wrong. The doorman who lived in the apartment building in which the couple lived says he saw bruises on Heard’s face.

But, police officers who responded to the incident said they didn’t see the red mark on Heard’s face. During the trial, Heard’s attorneys showed photos of a bruise around her eye and scarring on her face. The former doorman also claims that he saw Heard push Depp.

Heard’s lawyer, Benjamin Rottenborn, said that the recording portrayed a different side of the relationship than Depp’s. He used the text messages to highlight the discrepancy between the violent Depp and the apologetic Heard.

In addition to testifying on the live video feed, McGivern testified that he overheard the couple’s arguments after returning home from a trip in March 2015. He said that Heard spits on Depp.

Older sister

During the live judging of Johny Depp, one of the older sisters testified about his behavior. The testimony delved into the actor’s turbulent relationship with his wife, Amber Heard. She has claimed to be a victim of sexual assault and a violent attack with a bottle.

The courtroom was filled with witnesses who described a violent relationship between the two stars. According to the evidence, Depp was a heavy user of cocaine, and he was also a violent drunk. Henriquez, a woman who lived in the same apartment complex as the actor, testified that the pair got into a fierce fight in March 2015.

In addition, Georgina Reuters, a makeup artist who worked with Amber Heard, said she witnessed Depp take cocaine at their wedding in 2015. She also said that she offered Depp drugs at their wedding, but he declined the offer.

Another witness, Benjamin Chew, asked about Depp’s mother’s anger towards her father. Henriquez and Sexton testified that they had heard arguments inside the pair’s home.

They also recalled a fight between the pair in a suite. A police officer testified that he hadn’t noticed a red mark on Heard’s face when they arrived at the apartment. The couple spent a month apart after the April 2016 fight. The two reunited around the time of Depp’s mother’s death.

Marriage counselor

During Johnny Depp’s live judging trial in Virginia, a marriage counselor testified in videotaped depositions. While some of his testimony matched that of his wife, Amber Heard, others lacked proof that his claims were valid.

Specifically, a marriage counselor, a security guard, and a doctor testified in the case. In addition to Heard’s testimony, a photo of a bruised face was shown. In addition, a five-minute video recording of Depp threatening to cut himself was played in the courtroom.

Aside from the obvious, the lawyer for Heard claimed that she had been physically, verbally, emotionally, and sexually abused. She also said that her ex-husband was stonewalling her career.

She wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post that claimed she had been a victim of domestic violence. Although her claims were not directly based on Depp’s behavior, the attorney for Heard has made her case a central part of the trial.

Heard’s legal team has also argued that a recent article in The Wall Street Journal referred to her as “jealous.” She has also vowed to fight her ex-husband for $100 million.

The judge has yet to decide on the lawsuit. Aside from her testimony, Depp and Heard have already had a nasty public divorce.

PTSD diagnosis

During the trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, one of the first witnesses to testify was Dr. Dawn Hughes, a clinical psychologist in New York City. She spent 29 hours with Heard, evaluating her for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The legal team representing Depp disputed the psychologist’s assessment of Heard. Heard’s lawyers said she had exaggerated PTSD symptoms and claimed to suffer from two personality disorders.

During her testimony, Heard accused Depp of intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, and assault. She also testified that she had witnessed Depp slam into a wall, kick Heard in the back, and shove her with both hands. She reported Depp’s behavior to doctors, including the ACLU and the Washington Post.

When a judge questioned Heard, she cried. She claimed to have suffered childhood abuse and that Depp was violent towards her. She said she was afraid to be an actress because of her fears. She did not think her career would survive if exposed to violence.

When Heard was questioned about her relationship with Depp, she said it was a “passionate, volatile, and very intense” relationship. They were both very controlling and angry, she said.

Defamation suit

Amber Heard filed a defamation suit against Johnny Depp for writing an op-ed in The Washington Post in December 2018. She claims the article torpedoed her career and left her with at least $50 million in compensatory damages.

Heard’s attorneys argued the op-ed was not an accurate account of Depp but a smear campaign designed to discredit him. The defense cited several articles that preceded the op-ed. It needs to be clarified how many of these op-eds were defamatory.

The jury awarded Heard $2 million in compensatory damages. However, the jury did not award Depp any punitive damages. The jury was instructed to focus on legal defamation.

Depp’s attorneys claimed the op-ed was not defamatory, but the jury did not agree. Judge Penney Azcarate denied Heard’s motion to dismiss the complaint but ruled the lawsuit could continue.

Heard’s lawyers are asking for a new trial. They argue the jury’s award was not supported by evidence. They also asked for a reversal of the verdict.

Heard’s attorneys claim that Depp’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, made a false statement when he said the op-ed was a hoax. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Waldman said the op-ed was an “ambush” or a ruse to mislead the media. He admitted to speaking with several internet journalists and handing them a “binder” of information.


During Johnny Depp, Live Judging – What Happens at Settlement, the jury found that Amber Heard had been defamed. The verdict was read on June 1. The jury found that Heard was entitled to damages. However, they did not award punitive damages to Heard.

The trial began on April 12 and ended on June 1. The jury heard testimony from both sides. During closing arguments, attorneys for Depp and Heard had 45 minutes to make their case.

Heard’s attorneys argued that she was subjected to intimate partner violence. They also questioned the accuracy of the recordings. They requested that Heard’s nudes be admitted as evidence but were denied.

Heard’s lawyers tried to prove that Depp was engaging in a smear campaign. They said that Heard was vindictive and lied. They alleged that Heard was physically abusive during rages. They also sought to discredit Ellen Barkin’s testimony.

Heard’s lawyers presented evidence of alleged abuse before Heard published the op-ed. The attorneys presented a stack of articles published before the op-ed. These included the Washington Post article and a Daily Mail article.

The jury also heard testimony from former associates of Depp, including Joel Mandel, Tracey Jacobs, and Bruce Witkin. They cited volatile behavior and claimed that Heard defecated in bed.