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Instagram News, new features they got for us and even more. You can now double the length of your Instagram Stories videos. Currently, the maximum length of these videos is 30 seconds. If the video goes over that limit, it will be split into multiple posts. This feature is still in development, so stay tuned! In addition to this, you will soon be able to create campaigns on the social network. You can publish photos with links to these campaigns to reach a wider audience.

TikTok-like feed

Instagram is testing a new full-screen feed that puts video front and center. The change is modeled after the full-screen feed on rival platform TikTok, and it will allow users to view their posts without the need to zoom out. It will also feature an updated navigation bar with shortcuts for creating posts and viewing messages.

Instagram has pushed short-form video content heavily, and has introduced new tools to encourage creators to create original content. For example, it has added automatic captions and the ability to reply to comments with videos.

These new features make the platform more useful for advertisers and professional content creators, who can leverage a consistent format across platforms.

Instagram also added the ability for users to crop their photos in a TikTok-like format. Users are complaining that the new format makes their feed look cluttered. However, Instagram said it is working on new features to make photos look better on its full-screen feed.

Instagram has been under fire for copying rival TikTok, and the Reels feature is a prime example of the change.

The company also plans to experiment with other changes to make its app more like TikTok. The test group will begin to see full-screen videos in their feeds, and some of them will come from accounts that they don’t follow.

Scheduled Lives

Instagram users can now schedule as many Live videos as they want. The new feature is available to all users and will add a side-scrolling list to the profile display.

This may encourage more viewers to tune in to your live videos. Up to now, creators could only send notifications to their followers through posts or Stories. However, with the addition of Scheduled Lives, users can now broadcast to a wider audience.

Scheduled Lives on Instagram are great for promoting events, particularly those that draw a large number of followers. They also help with distribution and discovery.

With the feature, users can also share countdowns and reminders of upcoming events on their feed. The feature also allows users to create new Live events by tapping on the plus icon on the top-right corner. Then, select Live from the menu to create an event.

Once you have set up your Scheduled Lives, you’re ready to start broadcasting. You can also edit and cancel the broadcast later. You can also share the scheduled live video with your followers. A reminder will be sent to them before it begins. In this way, they’ll never miss an important event again.

In addition to scheduling your live videos, Instagram also allows users to share them as posts. The details of your scheduled Live will appear as buttons in your posts. If you want to post a live video at a specific time, you can also schedule it a day or two in advance. You can even use Scheduled Lives to promote your next event.


The latest update to the Instagram app brings a new text-based feature called Notes. It lets users leave a short message to other users with up to 60 characters.

The text will appear just above the display picture, under the direct message tab. This new feature is currently rolling out to some users and has received mixed reviews.

The new feature lets users write a quick note about something they want to share with a friend. While the note feature is great for leaving fleeting messages, users can’t see how many times someone has read them.

To prevent someone from reading the notes, you can set the settings to only allow certain people to see them.

Notes on Instagram news will give users an additional way to communicate with their followers. These notes can be up to 60 characters long and will be visible for 24 hours.

However, unlike with Stories, these notes won’t be seen by other users. As with other messages, you can reply to them through messages.

Notes on Instagram news will be available to everyone who follows you. You can share your notes with your followers or close friends.

When sharing your note, people who follow you can reply to it directly on Instagram. Once you share your note, it will appear next to your display picture. This feature will be available to all users soon.

Instagram is rolling out Notes to its users worldwide in a phased rollout, so you may not see it immediately. If you don’t see it on your app, try clearing your Play Store data or cache.


Instagram recently introduced a new feature: payments. This feature lets users store payment information so that they can buy products directly from the app. Users can choose to add a credit or debit card and set a pin for extra security.

Users can also track their previous payments. Before, Instagram users could only buy items from an online store if they opened a pop-out page and followed the normal online checkout process.

The new feature will be available for users in the US only. It is a step toward making Instagram an even more convenient place to shop.

This feature is expected to make it easier for users to buy products from small businesses. Users will also have the ability to track orders via direct messages. The new feature will also make payment transactions easier for businesses.

Payments for Instagram news will let consumers purchase products directly from qualified small businesses in the app.

The company has also introduced a chat feature to let buyers and sellers communicate in real time. This will enable buyers to ask for more information from sellers and ask for payments. They can also shortlist the products they want to buy.

Payments for Instagram will allow Instagram users to purchase products directly from small businesses via direct messages. In addition, users can track orders in the chat thread.

They can also customize items and ask for follow-up questions during the chat thread. Additionally, Instagram sellers will be able to accept payments through Meta Pay. The feature will only be available for sellers on Instagram mobile.

New typeface

Instagram is bringing a new typeface to its news feeds and app. The new Instagram Sans typeface is centered on the logo and uses square shapes with a flare at the corners.

The company consulted with language experts to create a typeface that would work across multiple languages. The new typeface is used in the app, Stories and in the Create mode where users can write and edit stories.

The new typeface was inspired by the logo of the company, and comes in a wide variety of global scripts. It’s described as a contemporary take on grotesque and geometric styles.

It’s available in several weights, including bold and medium. The company has a new color gradient for the logo, and the font will fit in well with the new design.

Instagram is committed to fostering creativity, and one way to do this is to make use of serif fonts. The new Instagram Sans typeface is easy to read, but still packs a punch.

It also looks solid and professional. It’s the perfect font for a brand who wants to spread their message via Instagram.

The new typeface is called Instagram Sans and is a modern take on grotesque and geometric styles. It replaces the Modern style in the type tool on Instagram stories.

The font also features a bolder, shinier icon. This new font has many uses beyond news stories, including billboards and website design.