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The Influence of Public Connectivity Elements on Internet News

Internet News

Internet news sites come in various varieties. The most common ones are mainstream news sites that offer editorial content but do not include any form of interactive communication. In addition, mainstream news sites usually contain many internal links. Index and category sites are generally operated by Internet service providers or net-based companies. Share and discussion …

The Rise of News on TikTok

News on TikTok - TikTok Logo

News on TikTok ahead. As the platform gains ground in news reporting, a new breed of journalists has emerged. Reporters like Vice journalist Sophia Smith Galer have won numerous awards for their work on the platform. The site has also become an important hub for eyewitness journalism. Ukrainians like Valerisssh have used the platform to …

News on YouTube

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Independent news on YouTube is a burgeoning phenomenon. A YouTube poll demonstrates this. Yet, the platform also promotes mainstream outlets, so independent news on YouTube will be buried under the mainstream content. Regardless, it’s an important way to access news online. This article explores some of the controversies regarding the quality of independent news on …